ZIN PESA NEPAL is a branch of the Japanese company of ZIN Inc. and ZIN Inc. is one of the member companies of SO-TEN GROUP OF COMPANIES and conducting the human resource services and introducing students    in    japan   in   student   visa   in   association   with   its   head   office.

In this context, we (ZIN Inc., Japan) have been linked with the various top Japanese Companies and rendering them required services as there are 36 group companies within the main company as SO-TEN. Within the SO-TEN Group, there are various industries such as credit card-related, real estate-related, game-related, and overseas business divisions, and there are many other group companies who are planning to establish their branch office in Nepal too. We are now moving forward to help the Nepalese engineers and nursing caregivers and other specific skills fields as well as students. We would like to become a bridge between Nepal and Japan by providing the best education system and jobs for Nepalese. ZIN has been introducing many Nepalese to the top multinational companies and schools, colleges of Japan since its establishment through SO-TEN. The head office is situated in Tokyo, Japan, and another branch office in different parts of the country. Before Nepal, ZIN Inc. has successfully introduced many Nepalese and other foreigners residing in Japan and almost all of them are currently working and studying in Japan. 

        By this year (2021) ZIN has been established here in Nepal to provide a job related to job seekers' specialized fields. We are here for those who are looking for the opportunity to study in Japan as well as jobs in japan and we assure you that you will be permanent employees within 5 years through our company. So, many Nepalese students, engineers, and nurses are currently studying and working in the top Japanese companies and ZIN will make your dream come true. We (ZIN Inc.) who is also a member of SO-TEN orients about the Japanese language/culture and offers training to the Nepali engineers to enhance their skills and find the appropriate schools and job in Japan and Nepalese staffs are also present in japan for your regular life guidance.

ZIN PESA NEPAL`s aim is to serve Nepalese with the world's best education, lifestyle styles and technology of Japan so that they will replicate the knowledge and skill later not only in Japan but also in different parts of the world. It helps to create a hard bonding between Japan and Nepal in the field of economic and cultural aspects too. It creates a mutual bond between the two countries with cultural exchanges too. ZIN Inc. & ZIN PESA NEPAL would like all the aspiring graduates to participate and explore their potential and pave an innovative path for their future careers.

We ZINians

Mr. Brijesh Acharya

COVID-19 continues to unfold around the world, and I would like to express again my deepest sympathy to everyone who has suffered under these circumstances and my sincere gratitude to those working tirelessly to fight the spread of the pandemic. We will actively work on a variety of innovations to address social issues such as environmental concerns and the realization of diversity making their days full of smiles and hope around the world.

 Mr. Keshab Nepal

Since the advent of this great institution, Zin Pesa Nepal has vision to provide quality technical education and act as a rostrum for creating students for Study Progam In Japan. In accordance with this vision Zin Pesa Nepal has maintained an exemplary record of academic contribution for achieving excellence in teaching, achievement and governance.

Mr. Sunil Pradhan

Education has acculturating role to play refining sensitivities and perception that contribute to a scientific temper and independence of mind. Further, self-reliance and improvement of the quality of life. I, genuinely hope, that with the cooperation of all the concerned agencies, we will be able to develop and maintain a bench mark that will help to set quality of abroad study in Japan.


  1. Our Head Office is Situated In Tokyo, Japan.
  2. High Visa Rate.
  3. Professional Teaching Staffs (Returned From Japan).
  4. Academic Gap Up to 5 years Acceptable.
  5. No Agent In Between. Processing Will Be Done Directly By The Company.
  6. Easy Visa Processing Service.
  7. Job Placement Guaranteed.
  8. Accommodation Facility.
  9. Re-apply Is Also Carried Out.

ZIN Inc. Japan (Head Office In Japan)

Our company name "ZIN" is derived from  "PEOPLE=JIN" in Japanese Language. The reason we choose "Z" instead of  "J" is to make service that can deliver work to various human resources from A to Z from Japanese to foreigners.

 Currently, various problems are occurring in the labor shortage industry, but there are problems that can be solved only by us as private companies. In addition to developing human resources services, we will create an environment for working for "potential workers" such as housewives, seniors, and foreigners, and conduct corporate activities with the aim of becoming a company that is needed by society. We will provide opportunities to people, companies and society. We will like to contribute to the happiness of working by more people through opportunities.

Our company is Industry Employment Agency i.e.

1.       Labor Dispatch Business

2.       Employment Placement Business

3.       Specific skills registration support organization.

 Our company possess overseas Business Department, Nursery School Management, and Recruiting to the Welfare Industry.

•         Year of Establishment: 2016 A.D.

•         Number of Employees:  38 


SO-TEN  is a  group of  independent  managers. In this  expanding   IT   industry   boundary   between virtual  and  real   becomes blurred. Among  them,  more   originality,  creativity   are  required,  so  we decided  to put new brand message  (0 to 1 and 1 to 10).   The    new    brand   message   has    meaning   of   "creating    new   value   and possibilities" and  walking with people.

Idea is that which industry or era you are active in, you must value the feeling of not forgetting to take on challenges. Walking with people employs many people and it is the identity that contributes to making people around the world smile.Create a new 1 from 0 and raise that born 1 to 10 and sincerely face the creation, development and human growth. By interacting with everyone in every market around the world and creating and nurturing new value.

We aim to be the company that gives new surprises and emotions to all the people involved. Also, we aim to, "balance social value creation and economic value creation". SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

ü  3 main points of SO-TEN company

1.       Sustainability

2.       Business Information

3.       Investment and Business Creation

Globalism – Passionate about potential of every individual and industry in the world, create new value and develop sound business globally.

Humanism – Aims at development of company with happiness of each person by respecting purpose of life of each person (personal growth and creativity).

Ecology – We will strive to realize a better global environment, contribute to the lives and culture of people around the world without forgetting the cause of retired people.

·         Year of Establishment: 1989 A.D.

·         No. of Employees: 797 (As per 2018 Data)